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Konrad Armaturentechnik GmbH

In 1939 Alfred Konrad founded a machining and equipment manufacturing workshop in Bochum for products such as conveyor belts and wheel discs for rail vehicles.

The young company was initially hampered in its rise by the years of war. But with the development of high-quality industrial valves in the mid-sixties, the foundation was laid for continued growth in the decades to come.

Within the framework of an age-related transfer of undertakings, the newly founded Konrad Armaturentechnik GmbH took over the business operations of Alfred Konrad Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG on 01.04.2010 and has since managed the company in the usual way and at the same location.

History of the EXENTROMAT® -
Industrial Valves

Produkte aus den Anfängen der Alfred Konrad Maschinenfabrik

Produkte aus den Anfängen der Alfred Konrad Maschinenfabrik

The 1960s saw the development of an innovative valve design. A proper metal-to-metal sealing became possible for the first time – thanks to a double eccentric butterfly arrangement which also came with an improved sealing geometry. And it is with this high-quality welded design that customized Konrad valves have earned a great reputation worldwide under the registered trademark of EXENTROMAT®.

Our industrial valves are used wherever demanding operating parameters are concerned or particularly stringent safety requirements are applied. Owing to our deep-rooted commitment towards quality and our decade-long experience we can assure excellent leak-tightness, technical functionality and an extraordinarily long service life of our products.